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Truth in Love
John Dewey's Dunces
John Dewey's Dunces Exclusive: Ellis Washington exposes 'Marxist propaganda factories called public schools' Author: Ellis Washington Source: World Net Daily - 01/25/2013 A new untruth is better than an old truth. – Justice O.W. Holmes Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent. – John Dewey Conservative intellectual Dr. Thomas Sowell, in a recent column, “Teaching Americans to hate their country,’” made the historical observation about how 100 years ago progressives like John Dewey of Columbia University changed the American education paradigm whereby teachers were no longer considered “the transmitter of society’s culture” (as they have been for roughly the past 6,000 years) but activist “agents of [progressive, socialist] change,” as evidenced by the way most Americans have been... (more)

1 Hati 1
aKu pernah SETIA Tapi aKu DIDUAKAN aKu pernah PERCAYA tapi aKu DIKHIANATI aKu pernah MENCINTAI tapi aKu DISAKITI aKu pernah MEMILIKI tapi aKu KEHILANGAN aKu pernah TULUS tapi aKu DIBOHONGI aKu pernah BERHARAP tapi HARAPAN itu SIA-SIA

So much to say...
. . . . so little time - right now that is! Hello sweetlife. Missing you but instead of not being able to write a full blog right now; I am posting something I just rec'd in email letters.. I hope you're doing ok and I'll get back here as soon as I can. I'm thinking of you but that's a given... Love - I have a little Satnav, It sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver's friend, it tells you where you are. I have a little Satnav, I've had it all my life It's better than the normal ones, my Satnav is my wife. It gives me full instructions, especially how to drive "It's sixty miles an hour", it says, "You're doing sixty five". It tells me when to stop and start, and when to use the brake And tells me that it's never ever, safe to overtake. It tells me when a light is red, and when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively, just when to intervene. It lists the vehicles just in front, and all those to the rear And taking... (more)

kwentong pusa
Wow.. super busy ako gaaahd! at ngaun lang ako nagka-backlog ng ganto hehe. di ko natapos work ko kahapon grabe. e pano.. pauso masyado tong barcode barcode na to. imbes mapadali e lalo napatagal ang trabaho. tsk. kun di lang ako alagad ng IT sinumpa ko na talaga to. ambagal magprint en everything.. saka di talaga to uubra sa amin. madali naman sya gamitin and helpful in terms of.. pagrerecord and pag-organize ng database. kaso di talaga ubra kung ako lang ang gagamit. pwede pa siguro kung tatlo kami o apat. andaming pumapasok na papel samin e.. pumapasok at lumalabas. okay. sobrang dami!!!! lahat ng klase ng papel dumadaan samen. haist. ewan. tingnan natin kung magi-improve........ basta ngaun haggard ako kaya hate ko sya haha.

Argh Not The Pony
You know she is prone to swallow the marrow
So I've had a really sick couple of days On Monday it was raining like torrentially which was shite but I went to Eva's to help her do some UCAS stuff and we did that and talked about loads of people that we don't like and it was really fun and I think she genuinely enjoyed it which was really good, I'm properly protective of her it's weird! It was cute though On Tuesday I went up to the uni house and dumped a load of stuff there and made up my bed so it looks a bit more like an actual room now! It was kind of horrible to do though, I did a trip to Sainsburys in the rain and stuff which sucked but it looks so nice now, and I met a couple of Michael's friends from home, and then in the evening I went to Kingston Spoons with Amy and Alice which was so nice, haven't seen Amy for a couple of weeks because she was on holiday but that was so cute! We had food and some cocktails and then when Alice was meant to drive us home, we realised she'd left the lights on in her car so her dad... (more)

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